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‘I am because we are and because we are, you are

This well known African phrase conveys the message that we are all interconnected- it captures the meaning of the word “Ubuntu”.  We want to inspire a conversation about what it means to Walk the Talk- A reminder that we should all walk our own talk, whatever that may be. Our walk the talk is about entrepreneurship, self growth, synergy and creating opportunity in South Africa.



Our entrepreneurial journey is about regenerative design through upcycling: the creative reuse of waste by transforming raw material used as is and having served its original purpose, into new high quality products – our bespoke slippers.  We are passionate about South Africa and the awesome creativity that abounds and we aim through our actions to stimulate local employment.


Way back in the early 1900’s in a small village called Erbezzo in Northern Italy our grandfather Moderato, was the village shoe maker. He passed his knowledge onto our father Mario, whose shoe making business was overtaken in the 1970’s by people’s preference for mass manufactured shoes. He turned his skills to upholstery and our family tradition of shoe-making lay dormant for forty plus years. Today Walk The Talk Africa continues the family tradition of handcrafting shoes in the old and fine Italian way.